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US Newspapers is your print media planning and buying agency. Since 1998, US Newspapers has been providing powerful and propriety advertising programs to a wide range of clients, from small owner operated businesses to large, multi-level corporations. US Newspaper’s central product, the Community Target Program™ makes mass newspaper advertising simple, at a price that makes sense. It allows advertisers to blanket entire states or regions with classified and/or small display ads, while paying as much as 80% less than individual newspapers’ open rates. US Newspapers is proud of the newspaper advertising services that they offer and is continually working to produce new, innovative advertising options to further benefit their customers.

Press Releases:
03/11/2010 06:00 AM PT
Newspaper Advertising -- Not Dead?
  ANAHEIM, CA--(March 11, 2010) - It goes up. It comes down. It repeats. The newspaper advertising industry’s revenue has improved and dropped and improved and dropped and improved again and dropped again. It jumped 16.3% in 1983 and then took a hit in 1991 of 6.0%. In 1997 we saw an increase of 8.5% and then just 4 years later watched newspaper ad revenue fall 9.0%. Newspaper advertising income fell 28.9% in the third quarter of 2009. Cause for concern? Probably not.

The idea that “history repeats itself” doesn’t seem inappropriate perhaps just a little cliché. You get the idea. We have been here before. Newspaper advertising revenue has never experienced the amount of loss we have seen in recent years, however there are outside factors playing into this drop that are new to the industry. For example, in the past two years internet advertising has grown in popularity and can be held at least partially responsible for . . . to read more click here

10/09/2009 03:22 PM PT (corrected 10/19/09 1:20 PM PT)
Classified Newspaper Advertising -- Home Business Secret Weapon

ANAHEIM, CA--(Corrected October 19, 2009) - Newspaper advertising has helped work from home business opportunities pick up the slack of employers with less than enough jobs to go around.

The same way that recruiters have employed newspaper advertising as a hiring vehicle, many of these business opportunities are making use of their local, state and national newspapers in their recruiting efforts.

These business opportunities are often multi level marketing (MLM) organizations. MLM companies have been around as long as many of us can remember: Amway, Avon, Tupperware, etc.

It seems that as the . . . to read more click here

9/21/2009 05:02 PM PT
Newspaper Advertising -- Community Newspapers Staying Strong  

ANAHEIM, CA--(September 21, 2009) - Newspaper advertising has undoubtedly changed within recent years. Hybrid cars and cell phones have changed too. Change is inevitable and is not always bad.

The stories of the closures of major newspapers, like the Rocky Mountain News and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, have been widely publicized. With these stories have come the predictions that the internet and lack of newspaper advertising has forced newspapers out of business and will continue to do so. However, as TIME magazine reports, the fall of the Rocky Mountain News tells a different story. Whereas the internet and ad revenue were definitely factors, the primary blame can be placed on upper-management - “the Scripps' newspaper executives whose ineptitude over the past 25 years fumbled away a prime market to a competitor they should have killed off two decades ago.

”Maintaining the staff and production of a large metro newspaper can be challenging, especially in . . . to read more click here

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